Forget Passwords

JEMPass remembers them all. Touch your JEM to unlock any account on any device or browser.

Simple • Seamless • Secure



JEMPass remembers all your passwords so you don't have to. Simply touch your JEM to sign in to any app or website on any of your your supported devices.


JEMPass remembers all your passwords. Just touch your JEM to sign in to any account on any supported device or browser.


Frictionless syncing across your devices and automatic entry of your passwords for almost any account.


Encryption keeps your passwords secure. Biometric verification ensures only you can access them.

Just touch JEM to sign in

Use JEMPass to sign in seamlessly to all your apps and accounts on all your iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices.
Use JEMPass to sign in seamlessly to all your apps and accounts on almost any device.

Works everywhere you work (and play)

Use your saved passwords effortlessly on all these devices, even devices associated with different iCloud or Google accounts. JEMPass syncs instantly across all your devices.

Apple Devices



macOS devices

Android Devices

Android version 9+ required

Windows PCs

BLE equipped Windows PC

Windows 10 required


Chrome, Edge, Firefox

Safari (macOS only)

Chromium browsers, e.g., Brave, Vivaldi.

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Creatively converged

Technology and Design

The security we need, the simplicity we crave.

The JEMPass hybrid hardware-software approach eliminates the need for users to remember any credential, including a Master Password, while also ensuring that they -- and only they -- have access to their encryption keys. The keys are quite simply not available to anybody else.

JEM’s high-resolution fingerprint scanner hardware works harmoniously with the biometric software platform to provide accurate and rapid verification every time you touch the device. The sensor and software actively adapt to varying conditions. Your fingerprint image – your biometric data – never leaves your JEM device.

JEMPass vault data is encrypted using locally generated cryptographic keys and up-to-date peer-reviewed and battle-tested encryption libraries. As a direct outcome of this “client-side encryption” approach, no one other than you – not even JEM staff – have access to your encryption those keys. This guarantees that you complete control of your data, and that your data cannot be decrypted without your JEM and your fingerprint.

The net result of all these technologies is that JEMPass provides – in our experience – a robustly reliable and elegantly simple solution to a vexing problem of modern digital life.

JEMPass: Simple • Seamless • Secure

  • Simple, Intiutive, Natural. With JEMPass, there's nothing to remember -- not even a Master Password. Your JEM is your key to all your online accounts, and you use it in the same way on all your devices: just touch your JEM to log in.
  • Your JEMPass credentials/passwords are instantly and seamlessly available on all your devices. Sync is instant and automatic. Whenever possible and wherever it is secure to do so, JEMPass autofills your password into your app's login fields. Our goal is to eliminate the need to think about passwords while simultaneously making authenticating much more secure. We believe we have achieved that in significant measure already, and are working on initiatives to make it even better.
  • Unrivalled security. Every aspect of the product -- from the design choice to design and manufacture custom hardware, to the integration of up-to-date, peer-reviewed and battle-tested encryption libraries -- contributes meaningfully to making JEMPass unrivalled in terms of security.

Designed to

Fit into your life

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The Security You Need • The Simplicity You Crave
In three packages. Select the one that's best for you.
  • One fingerprint-protected JEM device, matte black
  • One JEM Charging Dock, matte black
  • One USB charging cable
  • One Diamond Frame Accessory, Gunmetal Grey
  • FREE JEMPass Cloud services for one year -- $3/mo after one year -- annual subscription required
Two boxed sets of fingerprint-protected JEM device (Standard)
  • Fingerprint-protected JEM device, matte black
  • JEM Charging Dock, matte black
  • USB charging cable
  • Diamond Frame Accessory, Gunmetal Grey
  • FREE JEMPass Cloud services for one year -- $3/mo after one year -- annual subscription required
  • Total Cost - $198

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